Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Salary Comparison

As I was doing a little research to answer a question, I found something surprising.  Jordan has a better salary schedule than most surrounding districts!  Salt Lake District has always paid more.  While steps have not been paid 3 of the last 5 years, including the 2013-14 year, and lanes have not been paid 2 of the last 5 years, including the 2013-14 year, teachers in Jordan are making a comparable salary to other Wasatch Front districts.  I'm not trying to make us all feel better that we are not receiving what JEA sees as contractual step and lane payments, I was just surprised at how well we compare. 

Examples from 2012-13 with links to salary schedules:

Bachelor's Step 1:
Master's Step 10:

Administrative Appointments

Last night at the school board meeting, administrative appointments were made.

Sara Palmer, Director of Payroll
Mike Anderson, Administrator of Schools over Riverton Feeder
Jill Durrant, Administrator of Schools Staff Assistant
Amanda Edwards, Silver Crest Principal
Terry Price, Oquirrh Hills Assistant Principal
Nicole Plenert, CTE Consultant
Brad Sorensen, Administrator of Schools over Herriman Feeder
Carolyn Gough, Riverton High Principal
Ben Jameson, South Hills Principal
Aaron Hunter, Joel P. Jensen Assistant Principal
Mike Kochevar, West Jordan High Principal
Tom Gatten, Bingham Assistant Principal
Christen Richards-Khong, Bingham Principal
Chris Titus, JATC Principal
Mike Hughes, Bingham Assistant Principal
Kim Searle, Copper Hills Assistant Principal
Don Link, River's Edge Principal
Sharon Jensen, Vally Principal
Dixie Crowther, West Jordan Middle Principal
Paul Bergera, Auxiliary Services Staff Assistant
Michelle Peterson, Falcon Ridge Principal
Tami Bird, Rose Creek Principal
Noel Grabl, Curriculum
Todd Theobold, Majestic Principal
Jacinto Peterson, Copper Mountain Assistant Principal
Caleb Olson, West Hills Assistant Principal
Cynthia Vandermeiden, Joel P. Jensen Assistant Principal
Melisa Lund, Curriculum
Glen Varga, West Jordan Middle Assistant Principal
Tyler Jones, Hayden Peak/Riverside Assistant Principal
Cody Curtis, South Jordan Middle Assistant Principal
Wyatt Bentley, West Hills Assistant Principal
Karen Gorringe, West Jordan High Assistant Principal
Cynthia Tingey, Eastlake Assistant Principal
Mandy Braby, Foothills Assistant Principal
Kim Gibson, Southland/Elk Meadows Assistant Principal
Tiffany Cooke, Herriman/Silver Crest Assistant Principal
Patty Bowen, Jordan Ridge/Monte Vista Assistant Principal
Jerri Mausbach, Rose Creek/Daybreak Assistant Principal

Six of them are JEA members who are choosing to remain members even after becoming principals!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Outstanding Educator Awards

The Jordan Education Foundation honored 11 Jordan teachers as Outstanding Educators.  Six of them are JEA members!  Congratulations!

Lisa Craig, Riverton High

Janet Hoffman, South Jordan Elementary

Jeannette Clayton, Eastlake Elementary

Jen Adams, Columbia Elementary

Annette Fasselin, Elk Meadows Elementary

Becca Day, Kauri Sue Hamilton School

Winner Janet Hoffman and her daughter Neeley (my former student)

May Council of Local Presidents

The Council of Local Presidents met on Saturday.  Most of the discussion was updates on negotiations throughout the state. There are some associations close to settling.  Some districts should have steps, lanes, COLAs, and/or a bonus.  One district is finally getting a step after two years of being frozen.  Another district is getting a half step, just as they did last year, which is essentially a step every other year.

Two districts will be implementing new salary schedules.  They are both different from Jordan's traditional salary schedule and different from each other.

Changes to evaluations is at the forefront of UEA's work currently.  This will be a focus of UEA's Summer Leadership Academy. 

I was elected CLP Vice President for 2013-14.  I hope I can represent my fellow local presidents well.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jordan Education Foundation

How have you benefited from the Jordan Education Foundation?  Have you received a mini grant?  Are you teaching in a Leader In Me school?  Have you or one of your colleagues been recognized as an Outstanding Educator? 

Share your story about the Foundation with parents of students, your own family members and friends.  The Jordan Education Foundation does great things to help the students of Jordan District through raising money from donations.  If you know someone who would like to donate or be interested in serving on the Foundation board, send them to the JEF website.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

School Visits

I had the opportunity to visit with teachers at Welby and Terra Linda last week during lunch.  Laura Black and I were able to talk to the student teachers at Welby.  We also helped a copule of members "flip" from payroll deduction to EFT.  At Terra Linda, I answered a lot of questions from some new teachers about what JEA does.  Three of them signed up on the Early Enrollment Program!

Terra Linda has a great, simple, up-to-date JEA bulletin board in their faculty room!