Tuesday, July 23, 2013

UEA Recruit Today!

Recruit Today! UEA 2013 Fall Campaign

Receive $20 for each new member you recruit by October 31!

You also have two ways to win $1,000—

  1. Top Recruiter: The recruiter who recruits the most new members wins $1,000.
  2. EFT Drawing: For each new member you recruit who chooses EFT as their dues payment method, your name will go into a drawing for $1,000.

Help your fellow educators enjoy the benefits of UEA membership (and earn cash for yourself!) in five easy steps:

  1. Recruit new members* between July 17 and October 31.
  2. Complete a membership form for each new member recruited. (Contact your UniServ Office for specific dues information.)
  3. Sign your name, legibly, in the “Local Association Representative” box on the membership form and print your name below the box so you can get your $20. (You don’t need to be an Association Representative to participate; all UEA members are eligible.)
  4. Send in completed membership forms to your UniServ Office ASAP.
  5. Collect $20 for each new member you recruit! Checks will be mailed before November 30.
For additional information, visit the Recruit Today! FAQ page or call the UEA at 801-266-4461/800-594-8996.
  • Recruiters must be UEA members.
  • You cannot recruit and sign up yourself.
  • Once you become a member, you can recruit others.
  • The contest applies to new Active members only. New Retired or Student memberships are not eligible for incentive.
  • New members signing as Early Enrollees are not eligible for this incentive.
  • The top recruiter who turns in the most eligible new memberships, regardless of dues payment method, receives $1,000 in cash. In the case of a tie, a drawing will occur.
  • Recruiters names will be entered in a drawing one time for each eligible recruited member who selected EFT as their dues payment method. The winner of this drawing receives $1,000. (Note: The Top Recruiter is not eligible for the drawing.)
  • Winners will be announced by November 30, 2013.
  • Employees of the UEA and its affiliates are not eligible. 

Recruit Today! 2012 Spring Campaign

Congratulations and thank you to UEA members for their recruiting efforts during the UEA's 2013 Spring Recruit Today! campaign, which ran January 28-March 31. It was a great success.
Also, congratulations to Dawn Opie, teacher at Foothills Elementary in Jordan School District. Thanks to her recruiting efforts, her name was drawn by UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh as winner of an Apple iPad®. The iPad was presented to Opie at her school by Jordan Education Association President Jennifer Boehme.
During the campaign, each member who recruited a new member received $20. If the new member selected EZ Pay (EFT) as their dues payment method, the recruiter was entered into the iPad drawing.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bond Info

A summary of the school board study session about a proposed bond was sent to me.

The board is going to request a 5-year bond of  $520 million, which is about $14 per month per $100,000 of assessed valuation. A committee will be formed to look at how to spend the bond money in the most efficient manner. The bond will be used not just for new buildings but for renovations to existing buildings.

The Board has asked district administration to prepare multiple plans for boundary changes and closing schools and how those actions would impact a bond. While the survey showed patrons would support closing schools and boundary changes, the Board wants some actual plans to see if this would still be supported when parents see how their children would be impacted.

The next study session to discuss the bond will be Tuesday, July 30 beginning at 3:00.