Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012-14 Licensed Contract Settlement

The following is a chart about the email sent by the District yesterday.

From the start of negotiations on May 1, the Board offered its best contract terms, which were essentially what the JEA negotiations team accepted on September 13. 
The part of the final agreement that was not in the original offer was JEA’s ability to continue to negotiate policies that impact salary, benefits and working conditions.
Under the new contract, licensed staff will receive an increase in compensation over two years.  The agreement includes steps and lanes the first year, with the contingency of further increases if legislative monies are made available the second year.
The language in the agreement around the second year is “unless the Legislature commits new and unencumbered funds specifically directed to teacher salaries and benefits”.
The Board did not propose altering these policies as part of their original contract offer to the JEA.
The original offer explicitly excluded current negotiated policies affecting salary, benefits and working conditions and JEA’s ability to negotiate changes in the future.
Contract Negotiation Timeline
  • May 1—Contract negotiations began.
  • June 22—After five meetings, the JEA declared an impasse.
  • Aug. 24—Federal mediation began at the request of the JEA.
  • Aug. 21—The Board settled contract negotiations with the Jordan Employee School Professional Association (Classified Employees).
  • Sept. 13—The Board and the JEA reached a tentative agreement after meetings and communications with the federal mediator.
  • Sept. 24—The Jordan Education Association ratified the agreement.
  • Sept. 25—The JSD Board of Education ratified the agreement at their regular board meeting.
Contract Negotiation Timeline
  • February 2—Interest-based Bargaining (IBB) Training with the District Team, JEA Team and leadership from both groups facilitated by a federal mediator.
  • April 19—Initial meeting where the District told JEA that IBB would not be used and their team would be led by a third party “broker”/attorney.
  • May 1—Contract negotiations began.
  • June 22—After five meetings (maximum of six meetings allowed as set forth in policy A6 Negotiations), the JEA formally declared an impasse as provided in policy A6 Negotiations.  Also in A6 Negotiations is the following statement:  Immediately after declaration of impasse by either party, the Board will invite the employee agent group to participate in mediation using the services of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.”
  • Aug. 24—Federal mediation began at the invitation of the Board.
  • Sept. 11—The Board and the JEA reached a tentative agreement after one mediation session and multiple telephone and email communications with the federal mediator.
  • Sept. 24—Members of the Jordan Education Association ratified the agreement.
  • Sept. 25—The JSD Board of Education ratified the agreement at their regular board meeting.
Both sides employed the services of an outside professional to reach this settlement. 
Jordan UniServ Director Cindy Carroll has job responsibilities which include negotiations consultation and support in addition to advocacy, representation, and membership.
For many years, only the JEA used a non-district employee for their negotiations. 
JEA members are represented at negotiations by JEA members.  In addition to three classroom teachers, JEA has always had a UniServ Director on the Negotiations Team.  UniServ Directors pay dues and are members of JEA. 
This is the Board’s first year using an outside professional.
JEA is disappointed the District chose to have a contracted attorney as their lead negotiator.
The Jordan School District Board of Education looks forward to working collaboratively with all staff as together we continue to provide exceptional learning experiences for all of our students.
JEA hopes “working collaboratively” means the District will return to their past practice of sending District employees who are invested in collaborating with educators for the success of teachers and students to negotiations in the future.

UEA President's Message

UEA President's video message for September is now on YouTube. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ogden/Weber UniServ Director

The Ogden Weber UniServ is pleased to  announce Matt Ogle as our  new UniServ Director. Mr. Ogle comes to us from the Salem, Oregon area. He has been involved with the Association and as a teacher for 15 years, serving in many positions. He has also been through the NEA training for future UniServ Directors. Mr. Ogle will join us officially October 22, 2012. He is the father of two daughters. He assures us that his family is excited for the new experience, his daughters are excited to see the Dinosaur Park.

School Board Meeting

My comments about the negotiated agreement to the School Board at last night's meeting are below. 

President Bojak, members of the Board, Dr. Johnson, and Mr. Jolley, the membership of JEA has voted to ratify this contract and I encourage you to vote for it as well.  While the negotiations process has been long and difficult, teachers are grateful for steps and lanes this year and the ability to continue negotiating policies that impact our salary, benefits, and working conditions.
JEA appreciates the amendment to GP 115 in recognizing negotiated policies.  Thank you for making that change.
The majority of teachers in Jordan District want to do what is best for students.  They take classes on how best to implement the new Core.  They work with their team or department in PLCs, collaborating and helping each other know how best to work with students to show learning gains.  Collaboration is needed at every level of this District, including in classrooms, schools, departments, the Administration, the School Board, and between the Administration and JEA, and the Board and JEA.  JEA’s mission is a Great Public School For Every Child.  Jordan District’s mission is to “Provide excellent educational opportunities for all students and ensure quality teachers, administrators and support staff.”  You need us, the quality educators who work with students every day, to make this mission happen.  Let us work toward more effective collaboration in all that we do.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Legislative Supply Money

I received a memo today that the first portion of the 2012-13 Legislative Supply Money will be available for reimbursement after Wednesday, September 26.  For now, full-time teachers have access to $100 while part-time teachers have access to $50.  Final amounts will not be determined until after the October 1 count and FTE reports are finalized.  I will let you know those amounts as soon as I know.

Educators not working directly with students are not eligible for the money.  This includes:
  • Accountability and Program Services specialists
  • ALS specialists
  • Applied Technology coordinators and specialists
  • BYU Partnership facilitators and CFA's
  • Compliance and Special Programs specialists
  • Curriculum and Staff Development specialists and consultants
  • Information Systems specialists
  • School Nurses
  • Special Education TAs and specialists
  • Students Intervention Services counselors and specialists

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teacher Transfer Fair 2013

I attended a meeting to plan the Teacher Transfer Fair for Spring 2013.  You will NOT need a signed transfer form to attend!  The tentative dates are Monday, March 18 from 4-6 p.m. at West Jordan High for secondary and Monday, March 25 from 5-7 p.m. at Elk Ridge Middle.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UEA's "Don't De'lei' - Recruit Today" Campaign

All members are invited to participate in the "Don't De'lei' - Recruit Today" campaign.  For each member you recruit (write your name in the bottom right where the form says "Local Association Representative"), you will receive $20 from UEA, with checks mailed December 14.  If the person you recruit chooses to pay by EFT from a checking or savings account, you (the recruiter) will be entered to win a 6-day, 5- night Hawaiian vacation! See for more information.

This is a link to a JEA membership form.  Have new members complete both pages.  Make sure to write your name legibly under "Local Association Representative".  Send the forms to JEA through District mail, or call the office and we are happy to come pick up membership forms from you.  I would love to see a JEA member win the trip to Hawaii!

Member Appreciation Barbeque

You missed out if you did not attend the barbeque on Monday!  We combined with Granite and Canyons Education Association to provide hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks for our members and their families at Wheeler Farm.  The Cat in the Hat made an appearance for the kids.  Hope to see you next year!

Photo: Joint UniServ BBQ at Wheeler Farm.

General Membership Meeting - Negotiations

About 70 people attended the General Membership Meeting held last Friday.  Good questions were asked about the proposed agreement reached between JEA and Jordan District.  All JEA members are asked to reach out to school board members and district administration and share with them the great things that are happening in their classrooms in addition to the frustrations and challenges.  As you contact school board members, remain professional and work to build a relationship where they will recognize you as the expert in your classroom!

Photo: JEA General Membership meeting. Watch for email with details. Ballots in school on Monday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voices for Utah Children

I had the opportunity to sit at the UEA table at the Voices for Utah Children 2012 Children's Champions Awards luncheon. Those recognized were Mark Bouchard from Prosperity 2020, Senators Karen Morgan and Aaron Osmond, and KSL Anchor Nadine Wimmer.

One quote that stuck out was by Mark Bouchard. He said, "We must be willing to make sacrifices for the future of our children."

Another quote that was in the video presentation was, "If it's not good for children, it's not good for Utah."

Hedy Chang of Attendance Works was the keynote speaker. Her message was that we can advance student success by reducing chronic absence. She defined that as missing 10% of the school year, 180 days, or just 2 days a month, for any reason. She had data showing that chronic attendance problems in kindergarten impacts achievement in 5th grade. I found what she said very interesting and valuable.

 Mark Bouchard, Prosperity 2020
 Senator Karen Morgan
 Senator Aaron Osmond
 KSL Anchor Nadine Wimmer
Hedy Chang - Attendance Works

Saturday, September 8, 2012

UEA Convention and Education Exposition

I learned about what will be happening at the UEA Convention this year, and it sounds great!  The number of sponsors, exhibitors, and classes is much bigger than ever before.  If you have never attended the UEA Convention, this is the year to come!  It will be Thursday and Friday, October 18-19 at South Towne Expo Center. Plan to attend.  Highlights include:

8:00 - NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen and UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh
12:30 - Meet the Candidates with Governor Herbert and other recommended candidates with a hot dog lunch for $5
2:30 - "Mitchell 20" movie screening and discussion
4:00 - Jazz Bear tip off on Book-a-Basket book giveaway for making a basket

8:00 - Harry and Rosemary Wong with book signing at 12:30
New Educator Workshops throughout the day

JEA members will receive a ticket for free health screenings and pampering. 

In the program that will be sent to you the end of September, you will receive tickets to give to parents and non-members, so they can attend for free.  Regular admission price is $5.  See UEA website for more detailed information.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Negotiations/Mediation Update

The following message is from Melissa Brown and Karl McKenzie, JEA Negotiations Team:


Our negotiations update on August 29 was to share news about the Jordan School Board’s decision to postpone taking action on a new District Policy (GP115) which would govern how current policy changes and new policies would be initiated in the future.  We also updated you on the mediation process.  On Friday, August 31 the Negotiations Team worked with Ms. Ritter, the federal mediator, via teleconference for several hours in order to come to an agreeable compromise.  Ms. Ritter took the compromise back to the District’s representative, Blake Ostler, and is scheduled to have another teleconference with him tomorrow.  We hope to find the District agreeable to our counter proposal.

Under current policy, A6 NEG:  Negotiations, the mediation process is allowed 45 days to be completed.  The District Team concluded mediation on August 31 at 8:00 p.m. when they were unable to continue without polling the Board.  Therefore, the JEA Negotiations Team sent a written request to the Jordan School Board for an extension of the mediation timeline to the end of September.  We received a reply on September 4 from Board President Rick Bojak, granting an extension to the mediation process until noon on September 11.  This was surprising because the success of this mediation is currently in the District’s hands. JEA has notified the federal mediator of this shortened timeline and continues to wait for a response from the Jordan School Board following our last mediation communication on Friday, August 24. 


We will update you as new information becomes available.  Thank you for your overwhelmingly supportive messages and for your continued membership.

Meeting with Dr. Johnson

I had my monthly meeting with Dr. Johnson yesterday.  We discussed maintaining the JEA Death Benefit, part-time high school teachers and their principals requiring them to attend PLC on days they are not contracted to teach, the Math and Language Arts Common Core, and items for the next Joint Committee meeting, which includes how to make negotiations better next year.