Thursday, November 13, 2014

UEA Application for Assessment Literacy Task Force

UEA is looking for master teachers, specialists, and administrators from all levels who have designed assessments, analyzed assessment data, used data for student progress, and have a basic understanding of the role of assessments in Student Learning Objectives (SLOs).  If you or someone you know who is a member of JEA have developed these skills through a master’s program, NBCT, SAGE item writing, SLO writing, or PLCs, I encourage you to apply for this unique opportunity to lead our profession through designing assessment literacy curriculum for UEA members.  See the information below and this link to the JEA website and application

 There is a $1500 stipend for your work on this task force.  Application deadline is Friday, November 28.

DATE:          November 11, 2014

RE:              TIME-SENSITIVE:  Call for Applications for Assessment Literacy Task Force

This memorandum serves as a call for applications to the Assessment Literacy task force. We are seeking UEA members with:

·         Experience in assessment literacy including competency designing assessment, analyzing baseline student data, developing growth targets for students, utilizing data to monitor student progress; and creating valid, reliable, developmentally appropriate student assessments

·         Knowledge of current assessment literacy curriculum and research

·         Basic understanding of Student Learning Objectives (SLO)and the correlation of assessments to the creation of SLOs.

The Task Force has a very tight timeline for its work setting an April 2015 deadline for reporting to the UEA Board of Directors.  Therefore, the DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS NOVEMBER 28, 2014.  The application form is attached.

We are hard at work throughout the organization gathering input and data necessary for the task force to do its work.  This is a unique opportunity for UEA and our locals to take the lead on supporting our member educators through the creation of an assessment literacy curriculum related to the creation of Student Learning Objectives.  Thank you!

Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh, M.A., NBCT
President, Utah Education Association
2009 Utah Teacher of the Year