Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UEA's "Don't De'lei' - Recruit Today" Campaign

All members are invited to participate in the "Don't De'lei' - Recruit Today" campaign.  For each member you recruit (write your name in the bottom right where the form says "Local Association Representative"), you will receive $20 from UEA, with checks mailed December 14.  If the person you recruit chooses to pay by EFT from a checking or savings account, you (the recruiter) will be entered to win a 6-day, 5- night Hawaiian vacation! See for more information.

This is a link to a JEA membership form.  Have new members complete both pages.  Make sure to write your name legibly under "Local Association Representative".  Send the forms to JEA through District mail, or call the office and we are happy to come pick up membership forms from you.  I would love to see a JEA member win the trip to Hawaii!

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