Wednesday, September 26, 2012

School Board Meeting

My comments about the negotiated agreement to the School Board at last night's meeting are below. 

President Bojak, members of the Board, Dr. Johnson, and Mr. Jolley, the membership of JEA has voted to ratify this contract and I encourage you to vote for it as well.  While the negotiations process has been long and difficult, teachers are grateful for steps and lanes this year and the ability to continue negotiating policies that impact our salary, benefits, and working conditions.
JEA appreciates the amendment to GP 115 in recognizing negotiated policies.  Thank you for making that change.
The majority of teachers in Jordan District want to do what is best for students.  They take classes on how best to implement the new Core.  They work with their team or department in PLCs, collaborating and helping each other know how best to work with students to show learning gains.  Collaboration is needed at every level of this District, including in classrooms, schools, departments, the Administration, the School Board, and between the Administration and JEA, and the Board and JEA.  JEA’s mission is a Great Public School For Every Child.  Jordan District’s mission is to “Provide excellent educational opportunities for all students and ensure quality teachers, administrators and support staff.”  You need us, the quality educators who work with students every day, to make this mission happen.  Let us work toward more effective collaboration in all that we do.

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