Friday, September 21, 2012

Legislative Supply Money

I received a memo today that the first portion of the 2012-13 Legislative Supply Money will be available for reimbursement after Wednesday, September 26.  For now, full-time teachers have access to $100 while part-time teachers have access to $50.  Final amounts will not be determined until after the October 1 count and FTE reports are finalized.  I will let you know those amounts as soon as I know.

Educators not working directly with students are not eligible for the money.  This includes:
  • Accountability and Program Services specialists
  • ALS specialists
  • Applied Technology coordinators and specialists
  • BYU Partnership facilitators and CFA's
  • Compliance and Special Programs specialists
  • Curriculum and Staff Development specialists and consultants
  • Information Systems specialists
  • School Nurses
  • Special Education TAs and specialists
  • Students Intervention Services counselors and specialists

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