Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School Board Meeting

The newly elected and re-elected School Board Members were sworn in last night by SL County Clerk, Sherry Swensen.  Rick Bojak was elected as President of the Board, and Leah Voorhies was elected as Vice President.  These terms are for two years.  Rick was a 30 year member of JEA as a teacher, and he has been a friend to the Association.  I truly hope this is a positive change in the working relationship between the Board and JEA.

The Superintendent Search Committee has decided to extend the deadline for applications until March 18 in order to have more candidates.  Information on the members of the committee, their contact information, and the application process can be found on the Jordan District website.  Here is a Salt Lake Tribune article about the extension.

The boundaries for the new elementary school in West Jordan were discussed.  No matter which option is selected, both Oakcrest and the new school will be on a traditional schedule for 2-4 years after which they will go year round.  Hayden Peak will remain on a year round schedule for at least another 10 years.  If you teach at Oakcrest and wish to stay or plan to transfer to the new school, please remember the change in salary disbursements between year round and traditional.  The last paycheck on a year round schedule is in July.  the first paycheck on a traditional schedule is in September.  Plan ahead if you wish to make the transition from year round to traditional.

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