Thursday, November 3, 2011

Public Meeting Scheduled

Senator Aaron Osmond, who represents the majority of Jordan School District, is proposing legislation at the request of State Superintendent Larry Shumway that includes the following:

·         Repeal all Orderly Termination Laws
·         Require school districts to adopt employee management policies
·         Replace “tenure” with “at will” status
o   5 year contracts for educators
o   Dues process to terminate educators within the 5 years
o   Non-renew any educator without cause at the end of 5 years
o   Career teachers can “opt out” for 10 years, but would not be eligible for performance pay
·         Establish salary range based on market demand
o   Subject, experience, location, difficulty
·         Each district must establish a performance pay model
o   Minimum of 5% of pay tied to student performance

For more information, visit and click on Public Education Employment Reform Act Proposal.

A meeting with Senator Osmond and Superintendent Shumway has been scheduled to discuss these issues.  The meeting is Tuesday, November 8 at 7:00 at the Granite District Office, 2500 S. State Street.  I would encourage all who are concerned about the above items and their impact on public education to attend and wear a JEA t-shirt, button, etc. if you have one.  I will be there and hope all JEA members can sit together.

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