Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meeting with Dr. Johnson

I met with Superintendent Johnson on Monday for our regular monthly meeting.  We discussed the scheduling of Interest-Based Bargaining training, who would be attending, and what we hope to accomplish.

We talked about school climate.  In the model to which the District is moving, the School Board will hold the Superintendent accountable for results as far as student progress and learning.  In turn, the Superintendent will hold the Administrators of Schools accountable, who will hold Principals accountable, who will hold Teachers accountable.  Some schools may need principals with different skill sets.

Nepotism was also discussed.  The District policy on nepotism is not as restrictive as the Utah State Law.  Basically, more relatives are included in the State list.  Over the next three years, the District will be asking those who work "under the same immediate supervisor" (principal) to voluntarily look for a transfer to another location in order to become compliant with the law.  Please call if you have questions about this.

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