Monday, June 18, 2012

UEA Leadership Academy

I attended UEA Leadership Academy last week with several other JEA members including James Maughan at West Hills, Lanny Sorensen at Sunset Ridge, Heather Reich at Majestic, and Jannifer Young at Elk Ridge.  We spent the first morning learning about the 9 Domains of Complex Systems.  See the 9 Domains website for more information.  In the afternoon, we went to break out sessions on membership, political action, strengthening leadership skills, and advocacy.

Tuesday we learned more about applying the 9 Domains to association work.  We also looked at the varying abilities and needs of the different generations UEA represents.  In the afternoon, the Jordan UniServ (Jordan and Canyons) worked together to develop an organizing plan.  I appreciate the willingness of these members to spend two days of their summer vacation learning more about the work of the association!

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