Friday, April 12, 2013


There has been some confusion about transfers.  The Transfer Fair is the opening event of the transfer season.  From April 1 to June 1, principals must interview at least two transfer teachers for each posted position; however, they can hire new people if they choose.  Some principals have started, while others have not. 

  • Watch this website for job postings.  Most are only open for one week.
  • If you want details about the job, you will need to register on  I recommend un-checking the email notifications on the registration.
  • When you find a position for which you are interested, log in to Skyward Employee Access, click "Task Manager" (upper right), click "Teacher Transfer Request" (left side), click "Open" and complete the form.
  • Once you click "Save" (upper right), a copy will be sent to Human Resources and to your principal.
  • You can add positions at any time.
  • You may want to send the principal a resume by email or district mail.  It has been reported that principals are not responding.  Kyle Hanson was going to remind them of professional courtesy to at least say they received your resume.  No guarantees on that happening.
  • You can transfer up until 10 days prior to New Teacher Induction (July 8 for Year Round, August 9 for Traditional).  After June 1, principals are not required to interview transferring teachers.

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