Thursday, October 10, 2013

Governor's Faculty Meeting

You were well represented yesterday at the 2013 Governor's Education Summit:  A Faculty Meeting with the Governor.  You can view the meeting at UEN.

Waiting to enter the auditorium

On PACE to 66% by 2020

  • 90% proficiency in 3rd, 6th, and 8th grade reading and math
  • 90% of high school students taking the ACT
  • 90% high school graduation rate
  • 80% of high school students pursuing post secondary credit
  • Eliminate waiting lists in required post secondary courses
  • 13% of Utahns with a board-approved certificate
  • 14% of Utahns with associates degree
  • 28% of Utahns with Bachelor's degree
  • 11% of Utahns with graduate degree
  • 90% of graduates employed in chosen field earning living wages or better
Governor Herbert talked about the statistics of public education in Utah.
  • 1,072 neighborhood public schools
  • 97 charter schools
  • 26,000 teachers
  • 600,000 students
  • $3.4 billion on education in 2013-14
  • $6500 per students
  • Need 4% increase in degrees and certificates awarded each year to make the 66% by 2020 goal
At each level, teachers have specific jobs to do.  In elementary, teachers should give students a good start to their education, proficiency in literacy, use of SAGE, and helping students achieve a year of growth.  Middle school teachers should have 90% proficiency in Math and Language Arts and 90% of students taking the EXPLORE test.  In high school, students should take the PLAN and ACT tests, more advanced classes, have an SEOP for transition to post-secondary education, and improve graduation rates.

He also said that education will require a long-term investment.  That as the economy grows and there are more efficiencies in state government that those savings can go to education.  He wants teachers to embrace technology, raise the bar, and realize this will not be easy.  More money is not the cure all, and we need to be more resourceful with our current resources.  "I have confidence in you.  I know your task is not easy."

State Superintendent Menlove said the 2014 legislative requests from the state office include:
  • Money for reading intervention
  • Funds to support middle grade math instruction
  • Technology infrastructure and support
  • Addressing improving graduation rates
Dave Buhler, Commissioner of Higher Education, noted that in 1960, Utah ranked 3rd in the nation for the percent of residents with a Bachelor's degree of higher.  In 1980, Utah had dropped to 8th place, and now Utah is in 21st place.  He also commented that students in high school need to be taking advantage of the opportunity to take rigorous and advanced classes, particularly in math.

The Governor concluded by saying he was "most proud of teachers for doing more with less," that "the best value in public education in the nation is in Utah", and the state "can do better in resources and outcomes."

There was a reception following the faculty meeting where the JEA members were able to meet and talk with Governor Herbert.

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