Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Now?

The Jordan Bond failed.  The District posted information about what will happen next.  Basically, the administration will look at enrollment at all schools and consider how best to accommodate the growth.  This could include boundary changes, more year round schools, and pocket busing.  The administration will then make recommendations to the School Board.  I heard Dr. Johnson say this morning, "This will mean boundary changes and a couple more year-round elementary schools", which would be in addition to the new elementary in Herriman that will open Fall 2014 on a year round schedule.

This continuum is used by the School Board to decide how to handle student enrollment growth.  The Board has not done much with permit moratorium, but that is another option, which will limit the choices parents and students have.  You can visit the District Alternative Housing Options page for more information on how decisions are made based on new versus established neighborhoods.  Portables are in place at almost every school.  There are 20 year-round elementary schools already.  Pocket busing is happening in Herriman.  Boundary changes will happen for the new elementary in Herriman, but I believe additional boundary changes will be needed to move students from highly overcrowded schools to less crowded schools.

Alternative Housing Options

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