Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jordan Education Foundation Donor Appreciation Luncheon

The Jordan Education Foundation holds a donor appreciation luncheon each year.  A few JEA members were participants on the program on Wednesday.

Jacob Bradshaw directing the West Jordan High Drum Line!

Sandy King, Elk Meadows, speaking about the value of mini grants and how the money she has received over the years has benefited her students.

Rita Boullion, Kauri Sue Hamilton School, speaking about the Outstanding Educator and Special Educator awards and mini grants.
The Foundation Outstanding Educator and Outstanding Special Educator award nominations are now open.  Each school can nominate a teacher for each of the awards.  I encourage JEA members to nominate other outstanding JEA members for these awards.  Check with your principal to make sure s/he is not planning to nominate someone else.  

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