Friday, April 11, 2014

SAGE Message from Utah Superintendent Martell Menlove

Superintendents and Charter Administrators,


There have been multiple instances the past few days of what I believe are serious violations of test security and testing protocols.


It is inappropriate for anyone, students, teachers, proctors, media, etc., to take screen shots of any computer screen containing a test item or individual student information.  I believe the sharing of such a screen shot not only violates test security but is also illegal and violates copyright laws.


Testing environments need to be maintained to assure accurate testing of students without outside interference.  Only those authorized educators should be in the room(s) while testing is occurring. 


I sent a document Monday concerning opting-out of testing.  Parents have the right to opt students out of testing.  However, this right is not extended to anyone other than a child’s parent or guardian.   I believe it is a violation of testing protocol and educator ethics for a licensed educator to encourage or suggest that individual students or groups of students not participate fully in State administered testing.


Please communicate with all licensed educators that those involved in sharing, or allowing the sharing, of any SAGE, DWA or other State assessment items will be referred to the Utah Professional Practices Commission and action may be taken against their teacher license.  This includes the requirement that all testing protocols will be followed.  Additionally, those who do not honor a parent’s right to opt out of testing, or those who inappropriately encourage or facilitate opting-out will also be referred to the Utah Professional Practices Commission for possible action against their license.


Thanks again for all your efforts to provide quality educational opportunities for Utah students.


Martell Menlove, Ph.D.
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

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