Friday, May 16, 2014

Administrative Assignments

This list was approved at the Study Session on Tuesday, so principals have been telling their faculties.  These assignments will be formally announced at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday.

Lisa Robinson, Director of Special Education
Nancy Ward, Coordinator of Educational Support Services
Mandy Thurman, Principal at Oquirrh Elementary
Becky Gerber, Consultant of Language Arts
Kim Gibson, Principal at Herriman Elementary
Kyle Hansen, Principal at Eastlake Elementary
Travis Hamblin, Human Resources Staff Specialist
Larry Urry, Principal at Sunset Ridge Middle
Wyatt Bentley, Principal at Elk Ridge Middle
Howard Griffith, Principal at Foothills Elementary
David Vicchrilli, Principal at Jordan Hills Elementary
Barb Yost, Principal at Westland Elementary
Patty Bowen, Assistant Principal at West Hills Middle
Tyler Jones, Assistant Principal at South Hills Middle
Tiffany Cooke, Assistant Principal at Jordan Ridge and Southland Elementary Schools
Jerri Mausbach, Assistant Principal at Midas Creek and Silver Crest Elementary Schools
Ronna Hoffman, Assistant Principal at Riverside and Oakcrest Elementary Schools
Cyndy Tingey, Assistant Principal at Daybreak and Eastlake Elementary Schools
Rebecca Lee, Assistant Principal at Blackridge and Foothills Elementary Schools
Mike Christensen, Assistant Principal at Bingham High
Richard Price, Assistant Principal at Herriman High
Gail Ritz, Assistant Principal at Copper Hills High
Arthur Erickson, Assistant Principal at Riverton High

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