Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Active Shooter Training

Yesterday morning I was in a training with the majority of district and building administrators on what to do in the case of an active shooter in the school.  I found the situation to be realistic and the discussion to be thought provoking.  My notes are below.

Lockout, lockdown exercise - active shooter
JEA members in attendance: Cyndee Bowser, Paul Noble, Danny Drew, and several member principals

Use incident command system
Law enforcement will go in to locate and stop the shooter
Fire department handles fire, medical needs, HASMAT
School administration
--PA - lockdown, secure all interior doors, those in open areas should get away from the building
--Two cards in office to swipe
-- --Lockdown card puts doors back on regular door unlock schedule (inside school threat)
-- --Lockout card locks all exterior doors (outside school threat)
--district will notify surrounding schools to go into lockout as needed

Incident priorities
1. Life safety (keep students and employees safe)
2. Incident stabilization (law enforcement stops shooter and starts investigation)
3. Property conservation (protect the school)

Law enforcement will put out info to media through Public Information Officer (PIO).  It will be broad and brief so as not to hurt an investigation and to allow for next of kin to be notified on victims. Info on when and where to pick up students. A way for parents to get info and time to expect that info. Only put out info exactly as the PIO has said.

Try to monitor social media to stop inaccurate information.  Media will try to get to staff members for an emotional sound bite. Refer all media to the Public Information Officer.  Need to control the flow of info.

During response time, law enforcement will be stopping the threat. Once recovery time begins, law enforcement will slow down to interview students as needed for the investigation, account for all students, clear the building, then release students to parents.  Use student emergency contacts to get someone to pick students up.

Next day, get permission from superintendent to cancel school if needed.  Facilities department to assess damage.  Bring in food from another school if school is held. Communications to put out info on alternate location for school if needed. Need crisis team available for students and staff.  Hold staff debrief.  Hold parent meeting.

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