Friday, November 19, 2010

November DAC

The District Advisory Committee met yesterday afternoon.  We discussed principals who are not following the newly negotiated item about Grade Transmittal Days being optional, and that teachers will complete their grades on time, either prior to or on that day.

High school Parent Teacher Conferences were discussed.  This item will go to the new committee that will begin meeting in January to look at possibly restructuring to make better use of time.

AP funding was addressed.  Funding is based on the number of students who passed the tests the previous year.  However, the amount of funding changes from year to year.  This is very difficult to predict.

Suspensions in 9th-12th grade show on the transcript, which is a permanent document.  Once information is on a transcript, it cannot be changed.

The time to administer the PLAN test in middle and high schools was a problem.  They would like a late start, but the logistics of transportation make this difficult.  Questions need to be directed to Clyde Mason.

A question about our calendared holiday breaks not matching surrounding districts was brought up.  We have year round schools, and try to match our traditional and year round holiday breaks as closely as possible.  This makes adding days to Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring breaks nearly impossible.  Anyone who has served on the Calendar Committee recognizes this.

Finally, we reviewed some recently revised policies.

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