Thursday, April 14, 2011

Legislative Council (AR) Meeting

We had a great meeting last night!  Your building AR should be going through a PowerPoint on Who Decides?  This talks about the many decisions made by people other than you, often with less knowledge than you, which impact you and what you do in your classroom.  This lesson goes along with the information in the TEF video produced by UEA.

I would also like to encourage you to vote in the UEA Election.  The ARs voted to support Robin Frodge for the NEA State Director position.

An issue came up about supplies from the District and the 12% surcharge.  I spoke to Richard Field, Central Warehouse Manager.  He said the 12% is not a delivery charge; it is a charge to pay for the running of the warehouse.  Also, what I understood and stated was incorrect.  The prices listed DO NOT include the 12% charge.  Secretaries may charge your grade level or department account the 12% at the time of the order or at the end of the month when the school is charged by the warehouse. 

I also asked Mr. Field about substitutions.  He said that there shouldn't be substitutions, that items are usually backordered.  He also said that you are allowed to return unused items within a month of the order.

If you know a JEA member who is retiring, we will be honoring them in May.  Please contact me with their name and school.

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