Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jordan Education Foundation Meeting

This morning I attended the bi-monthly Board meeting of the Jordan Education Foundation.  If you like to golf, the JEF fundraising golf tournament is on August 11 at Riverbend Golf Course.  See Foundation Website for more information to come.

Superintendent Johnson spoke about her meetings with mayors and what they see businesses looking for in students who are graduating from high school and looking for work.  She believes that Jordan District should be providing skills for all students to be successful when they leave high school, whether they are going to college, military service, trade school, or straight into the workforce.

These are the skills mayors said they are looking for:
  • Science, technology, and math
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Noncurricular skills like professional dress and trade skills
  • Social skills including appropriate behavior, respect for authority, teamwork, problem solving, setting and accomplishing goals, self discipline, personal responsibility, and leadership
  • Financial management around credit and interest
  • Job search skills
  • Citizenship
  • Foreign language
  • Service

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