Monday, July 4, 2011

NEA RA Day 4

Lots of new business items today. Item to require NEA candidates for office to make a video for distribution failed. Item to identify and recruit retired members passed. Item to require NEA to inform members about the "I'll-informed intrusion of billionaires on education" passed. Item to share information on retirees between states for organizing purposes passed. Item to share information on retirees between states for organizing purposes passed. Item directing NEA to develop an Arts Advocacy Toolkit failed due to high cost. Item to share information on retirees between states for organizing purposes passed.  Item to have a report compiled about the unfunded costs of special education submitted to Congress to remind them about their promise to fund IDEA passed. Item to spend $25,000 on training about issues surrounding healthy schools (mold, mildew, etc.) failed.

I sang in the choir. It was an awesome experience!

The NEA delegates voted 72% to endorse President Barak Obama for re-election.
The Policy Statement on Teacher Evaluation and Accountability passed with some amendments. As soon as this is available electronically, I will post it. Most of what is called for in this policy statement is already incorporated in the JPAS process.
The constitutional amendment to change the percent of teachers on NEA committees failed. The bylaw amendment that NEA will not lobby for or against legislation regarding abortion failed. The bylaw amendment establishing broad statements of purpose failed. The bylaw amendment to increase dues by $10 for the next 5 years to go to the crisis fund passed.
Legislative amendments. NEA supports regulation of political contributions by corporations passed. NEA supports legislation addressing violent acts to minority communities failed. NEA supports that the federal government tax all earned income for Social Security, not just the first $106,800, passed.  Legislative amendment that NEA opposes misuse of federal funds passed. Amendment changes "school campuses" to "educational institutions" to be tobacco free passed. Amendment adds "expansion" to federally guaranteed parental and medical leave passed.  Legislative amendment NEA supports federal laws that honor state certification requirements passed. Amendment to add "juvenile offenders" to "incarcerated juveniles" passed. NEA supports funding for healthy environments with proper custodial services passed. NEA supports ending discrimination of school employees passed.  NEA opposes sentencing juveniles to life in prison without parole failed, because it is out of the purview of the association.
Earnest Jameel Williams, bus driver from North Carolina, was honored as ESP of the Year.
More new business items were addressed in the afternoon. There are 97 total.  Item to educate members about the public school privatization movement failed. Item to have NEA give information to members about financial helps to avoid foreclosure failed. Several items were referred to committee.  Item to work on the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project passed. Item that NEA provide more communication on how members can be involved in crises passed. Item to form local/state Media Response Committee to report efforts to NEA failed. Item to have NEA contract with union employees for the RA failed, because this is already in practice.  Item that NEA support non-classroom certified teachers passed. Item to endorse the Campaign for New Priorities referred to Executive Committee. Item directs NEA to look at school reconstitutions failed.
Since this year is the 10th anniversary of 9-11, we watched a moving video in remembrance.

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