Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meeting with Dr. Johnson

I met with Dr. Johnson on Friday afternoon.  I showed her a draft of a RIF points rubric.  This could be used in place of hire date in the event of a RIF.  It would help take the subjectivity out of RIF.  Hopefully, something similar will be adopted by the District.

Dr. Johnson believes performance pay will pass at the legislature this year.  She wants to put a work group together to make rubrics for performance pay.  This will likely happen after the first of the year.  She mentioned that she thinks performance pay should be on top of steps and lanes.  I am going to find information for her on the schools that were part of the performance pay pilot sponsored by the legislature three years ago (a two year pilot that was only funded for one year).  UEA was involved in helping develop some of the performance pay models used.

She shared some information about a meeting with Senator Aaron Osmond on his proposal about Independent Public School Boards, which would essentially make each school a charter school.  Dr. Johnson stated that the teachers and principals who attended the meeting asked good questions and made good points about why his proposal would not work.

Dr. Johnson also met with Representative Merlynn Newbold.  I am pleased that she is talking to the legislators serving the areas within Jordan District.  She is well-spoken and logical, and I hope the legislators take what she says to heart.

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