Sunday, October 16, 2011

Senator Osmond's Proposal

I received an e-mail today that Senator Aaron Osmond has decided to drop his proposal about Independent Public Schools, which would have essentially turned public schools into charter schools.  The following is an excerpt of that letter.

"After countless meetings with Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Associations, Legislative Colleagues, and other groups, I have made the decision to pull back on my proposal relative to the concept of Independent Public Schools and Local Control Reform for school boards.

"I did this because I made a commitment to my constituents in District 10 that I would not pursue or support any legislation that did not have the collective majority support of those constituents. I was unable to garner any significant interest or support from our local area around these ideas. Instead, the ideas generated more concern and anxiety (from all parties) that such changes would introduce additional layers of bureaucracy, create additional political strife within local communities, and put incremental strain on an already stressed system."

I publicly commend Senator Osmond for being willing to back down from an idea about which he was passionate in order to represent his constituents.

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