Thursday, February 9, 2012

Legislative Council (AR) Meeting

The AR meeting last night went well.  We talked about the EFT flip process and the progress that is being made.  It is slow but steady and hope to keep the momentum going.  If you have not had a meeting about the EFT flip, contact your building AR. 

Kyle Hansen from Human Resources came to talk about a few things with the coming of the transfer season.  He stated that the Intent to Return will not be going out, because the information was not useful.  Instead, there is an Early Notification Incentive of $200 to be paid on the final paycheck to licensed personnel who submit the Resignation Form to their principal and HR by March 1.  The intent is to help principals know of open positions and to be able to avoid a Reduction In Staff (RIS).  There will then be two Teacher Transfer Fairs:  Elementary on Friday, March 23 from 3:00 to 7:00 at South Jordan Middle and Secondary on Monday, March 26 from 10:00 to 2:00 at Riverton High.  This will give teachers the opportunity to meet with principals and have more choice in where they wish to transfer.  This process is also happening early to avoid a RIS.  Once the known RIS are identified by their principal through meetings with the Administrator of Schools to determine "school need", they will be placed into positions for which they are qualified.  Then the regular transfer window will open up.  If you are considering a transfer, attending the Teacher Transfer Fair is a great chance to determine where you would like to teach next year.

Nominations for JEA Leadership took place.  The following were nominated:

President – 2 years:  Jennifer Boehme
Vice President – 2 years:  Jack Duffy, Kevin Ball, Mallory Meyer

Middle school – 3 years:  Mallory Meyer
Elementary school – 3 years:  Kara Goodwin

Special certification – 1 year:  Renee Sass
Any active JEA member may file a petition with 25 signatures of JEA members to become a candidate for any open position.  If you are interested, please contact me at to receive a petition.  Petitions are due to the JEA Office by 5:00 on Wednesday, February 15.

We discussed the legislature and bills that are being run this session. You can go to Utah Public Education to see a summary of Senator Osmond's SB64:  Public Education Employment Reform Act.

We also talked about the importance of caucus attendance to become a delegate or to elect public education friendly delegates.  You should have the opportunity to watch the video on becoming a delegate that is linked on the Utahn's for Public Schools website.  It is 17 minutes long and a bit boring, but it does contain good information on the process and importance of caucus attendance.
Caucuses are scheduled for Tuesday, March 13 for Democrats and Thursday, March 15 for Republicans.  Any JEA member who attends their caucus will be entered into a drawing for a restaurant gift card.  We will collect this information on Friday, March 16.  Please take the time to attend and become involved.  Most decisions about education are political decisions.

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