Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UEA Educational Excellence Task Force

UEA is launching the Educational Excellence Task Force
and we need your expertise!

Every year dozens of policy changes affect Utah’s public schools, but these changes do not always result in the best outcomes for students. Teachers, as education professionals, are best positioned to propose important solutions to strengthen teaching effectiveness and improve student outcomes. Therefore, the UEA is organizing the Educational Excellence Task Force to study and prioritize critical education issues and make recommendations to the UEA. The task force will be comprised of current classroom teachers and administrators who excel in the field of education, are leaders in the profession, and who are willing to engage the Association, policymakers and the public in the important dialogue of creating excellent public schools for every child.

The task force will:
·         Be selected through a competitive application process.
o   Requirements are a cover letter, an application form, a resume, two letters of recommendation from individuals with direct knowledge of teaching experience and demonstrated excellence as a classroom teacher or administrator.
o   Applicant must be a member of the UEA and a current classroom teacher or administrator.
·         Meet once a month from May – September 2012, and work via email or conference call to draft, review and revise a written report.
·         Create a vision of teaching excellence that is led by teachers.
o   Develop a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for the UEA’s consideration  regarding teaching quality and effectiveness.
·         Work with policymakers, the public and association leadership to promote policy recommendations.

As a proud Utah teacher and member of the UEA, I hope you will take this opportunity to lead the discussion on teaching and teacher quality in the State. This is a unique opportunity to speak as an education professional about those policies and practices you know will create positive outcomes for education in Utah.  Apply today!!   Applications due Friday, March 9.

Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh
UEA President

For complete details and all application materials visit

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