Friday, March 2, 2012

Educator Day on the Hill

JEA had nine teachers in attendance at Educator Day on the Hill:  Cyndee Bowser and Krista Pippin from Southland, Robin Frodge from West Jordan High, Kevin Ball, JEA VP from Rosamond, Jannifer Young and her mom from Elk Ridge, Heather Reich from Majestic, Karlin Coombs from Elk Meadows, Mallory Meyer and Lanny Sorensen from Sunset Ridge. 

Jannifer and her mom served the UEA sponsored break snacks in the Senate kitchen.  Kevin, Mallory, and Cyndee were interviewed by KSL for a piece they will be doing on teachers and the needs they see in their classrooms.  We were able to talk to many representatives including Newbold, Bird, Poulson, McCay, Ivory, and Bricoe.  Senator Osmond came to lunch and spoke to us about SB64 and how happy he is with the collaboration that went into that bill.

There are only 4 days left in the legislative session.  Please write your legislator in the House of Representatives and ask him/her to support SB64 as written.  See Under the Dome for more information.

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