Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meeting with Dr. Johnson

My monthly meeting with Superintendent Johnson was this morning.  We discussed the activities at the legislature and the great work that has been done by Senator Osmond on SB64.  We reviewed the Board discussion about where and when to build a new elementary school and the need for a bond to meet the needs of growth in the District.

I talked with Dr. Johnson about JPAS.  When she spoke to the JEA ARs, she mentioned something negative about JPAS, and so I asked her about this.  She said the two problems she sees are that there is no student growth component, and that there is not enough reflection and goal-setting based on results.  The Educator Evaluation workgroup through the State Office of Education is likely to include these elements as part of their recommendations.  JPAS would then need to be modifying to add student growth and individual goal-setting.  JPAS is being used a s basis and model for the statewide recommendations.  I expect JPAS to be enhanced, but not replaced.

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