Wednesday, May 23, 2012

JEA Retirees

I have had a great time over the last two weeks going to take a small retirement gift to each JEA retiree.  What a wonderful group of people with a wealth of experience!

Please share your congratulations with the following people:

Marva Bennett, Bingham

Jana Brinton, Bingham

Margaret Pratt, Bingham

Janice Voorhies, Bingham

Karen Kochevar, Columbia

Kris Millerberg, Columbia

     Lee Dillon, Copper Hills

Claire Glade, Curriculum

Karen Keetch, Elk Meadows

Charlene Peppinger, Elk Ridge

Dean Mednick, Mountain Shadows

    Celestia Whitehead, Oquirrh Hills

Glennys Sabuco, Riverton Elementary

Jorja Lloyd, Riverton Elementary

Sharon Pitcher, Riverton High

    Colin MacLeod, Rosamond

Claudia Mumford, Rose Creek

    Karla Noble, Terra Linda

Bruce Brinkman, Welby
    Susan Kane, West Jordan Elementary
Lanny Westerman, West Jordan High

Susan Hart, Westland

Carolyn Tidwell, Westland

Kathryn Hanna, Westvale

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