Thursday, October 4, 2012

JEA/UEA/NEA Recommended Candidates

The Political Action Committee at all levels of the Association have made recommendations for the 2012 elections.  Please remember that all recommendations are made based on one issue:  public education.  You have the responsibility to learn about the candidates and the right to vote for the person you feel best represents you.  Remember to vote!  In the last general election, only 50% of UEA members voted.  With 18,000 members, we can cause candidates to win races if we all vote.

President/Vice President of the United States:  Barack Obama/Joe Biden

UEA (to see a full list of recommendations from around the state go to PAC page)
US Senate:  Scott Howell
US Congressional District 2:  Jay Seegmiller
US Congressional District 4:  Jim Matheson
Governor/Lt. Governor of Utah:  Gary Herbert/Greg Bell
Attorney General of Utah:  Dee Smith

Senate District 6:  John Rendell
Senate District 10:  Aaron Osmond
House District 42:  Jim Bird
House District 43:  Jeff Bell
House Distict 47:  Joe Huey
House District 50:  Billie Gay Larsen
House District 52:  Dan Paget
Jordan School Board Precinct 1:  J. Lynn Crane

PTA is hosting a Meet the Candidates night on Thursday, October 11 from 6:30 - 8:30 at Elk Ridge Middle.  Go to their blog to view the list of candidates planning to attend.  Be an informed voter!

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