Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Steps and Lanes/EFT

If you are receiving a step and/or a lane increase, that will be reflected on your October paycheck!  Remember that the October paycheck will be larger than normal due to retro pay increases for this year (September increase for traditional, August and September increases for year round). 

 Please check Skyward to verify your step and/or lane change has been reflected.  Login to Employee Access, click Employee Information, click Personal Information, in the left pane click Lane/Step History.  This will show you what lane and step you were on in 2010 and 2012.  If something is not correct, contact HR at 801-567-8150.  You will want to look at your pay stub in Skyward as well.  You can do that from the same page, only in the left pane click Checks.

Looking forward to payday, thanks to the JEA Negotiations Team!

If you are still on payroll deduction for dues, I encourage you to make the flip to EFT.  You can do so at with your member number.  Your building AR has your member number, or you can contact me to look that up for you if you cannot find your membership card.  New membership cards should be arriving at your home by mail in the next two weeks.

Reminder to those of you who have already flipped to EFT or credit card, that the next withdraw or charge will be November 3.  Please verify you have enough money in your account.

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