Thursday, February 14, 2013


There has been ongoing concern about the no fill rates on substitutes.  In January, 92% of sub jobs were filled.  That means in a large middle or high school, if 10 teachers are out on professional development, it is likely that one of those teacher's classes will not be covered.  This January there was 252 MORE sub jobs than last January.  Some of this is due to professional development, and some to the flu. 

Some suggestions to help ensure you have a substitute when needed:
  • If you will be out for PD, personal day, sick day for doctor appointment, alternative day, or bereavement day, and you know in advance, enter the absence in Aesop as soon as you know
  • If you are ill in the morning, don't wait for the sub office to open so you can call, enter the absence in Aesop immediately
  • If you don't know how to use Aesop, ask someone on your team/department/secretary to set up a bookmark and walk you through how to use the system 
  • Keep your Aesop information at home and at school

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