Saturday, February 2, 2013

Council of Local Presidents

UEA will be working on providing information about SB 64: Education Employment Reform to members.  Are you aware of the new teacher and leader standards?  Do you know what changes will be coming to evaluations in 2014-2015?  These are the questions we will be providing answers to over the next few months.

Vote in the UEA Elections!  Go to myUEA to see information about each candidate.  Vote here!  You need your member number, which was sent to you in an email and is on your membership card.  Click "Select Election".  Click "I want to Vote".  Vote for President, Vice President, Delegate-at-Large (Tina Susuico teaches in Jordan at Majestic), and Successor Delegate-at-Large.  Click "Vote".  Click "Confirm".  Click "Logout".

NEA Directors appreciate stories from classrooms that support issues they are addressing.  I will share those issues and ask for stories through Facebook and Twitter when I learn about them.

Some bills to watch (see the UEA tracking sheet):
HB49:  Voted and Board Levy Programs Amendment - would provide one time money of $8.3 million that should have been distributed and has not.
HB55:  Amendments Related to Education Funding - freezes property tax rates so they don't go down when property values go up to keep districts revenue neutral, so there would be new revenue.
HB59:  School Board Elections Provisions - would have direct elections for state school board members instead of being selected by a committee.
HB63:  Severance Tax Amendments - credits taxes on natural resources like oil and natural gas to a permanent state trust fund.
HB64:  Felon's Right to Hold Office - prohibits convicted sex offenders from running for state or local school boards.
HB76:  Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments - changes rules on concealed weapons.
HB255:  Classified School Employee Amendments - increases number of hours required to receive state retirement for classified employees from 20+ hours to 30+ hours.
HB264:  Property Tax Notice Amendments - requires disclosure of amount of property taxes going to charter schools on property tax notice.
HB267:  State Board of Education Elections - returns to old way of selecting state school board candidates, which is local districts submitting names of candidates.
HB269:  Training of School Nurses - looks at scope of duty for approving activities for students with head injuries.
HB271:  Funding for Public Education - 25% of future growth in profits from alcohol sales to be set aside for teacher salary, benefits, and professional development.
HJR3:  Property Tax Exemption for Public Schools - exempts charter schools from paying property taxes or the company holding the lease from passing property taxes on to charter schools.
SB1:  Public Education Base Budget - base budget is same as this year.  Still expect to add money for growth.  May have to amend after sequestration in D.C. is complete.
SB110:  School-based Budgeting Amendments - "backpack" bill where money follows a student.
SB133:  School Performance Report Amendments - this would require a report of performance by teacher.
SB134:  Utah Performance Assessment Systems for Students (U-PASS) Amendments - eliminates UBSCT, and adds EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT tests.  Changes U-PASS to U-CAS.
SJR5:  Joint Resolution on State Superintendent of Public Instruction - requires governor's approval of state superintendent appointment.

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