Friday, March 8, 2013

Educator Day on the Hill

Today was the last Educator Day on the Hill.  Several teachers from Jordan and Canyons were in attendance.  We were able to speak to several legislators about the budget, SB133 and SB110.  It is looking like there will be a 2% increase in the WPU or a 1% increase in the WPU with 1% increase to cover social security and retirement.  The budget should also include $68 million to cover enrollment growth.  as you talk to your legislators in the next few days, thank them for funding public education this year!

Please contact your state senator about voting NO on SB133 (publishing average test scores by teacher name) unless it is amended by Senator Osmond.  Also ask your senator to vote NO on SB110 (funding by student directly to the school).  These two bills will be voted on in the Senate on Monday.

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