Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I attended the Instructional Supply Advisory Board meeting yesterday.  The warehouse is going to start storing food items, so they need space.  That space will be created by retiring some items currently stocked by the District Warehouse.  I will post a full list when I receive it.  Some of the items mentioned in the meeting were batteries, hand sanitizer, book pockets, K-5 LA specific paper, yarn, and compasses.

They will be offering the hand sanitizer for free, because it expired in February 2012.  Your school will decide if it wants outdated hand sanitizer.

Did you know you can have items spiral bound?  You can take the items to the ISC at Terra Linda and pay for the spiral binding, then they are sent to the ASB where the machine is located to be bound.  They can't guarantee specific dates for the binding, because there are only two people who do that work.  If you are planning for next year, now may be the time to get this going.

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