Friday, January 24, 2014

Security Cameras in Portables

Many teachers in portables have worried about the cameras being installed in portables.  These cameras are just for security.  I asked about this at the Safe Schools Committee this morning.  The cameras inside portables are not running during the school day.  They only activate when the school security system is activated in the evening by the custodian.  The cameras have motion sensors and will start recording if there is movement in the portable after activation (all night long).  This is why teachers are not allowed in their portables on weekends or earlier or later than the rest of the school is open any longer.  Also, teachers in portables should not hang items from the ceiling that may blow and cause the motion security cameras to start recording.

The purpose of the security cameras is to catch those who chose to vandalize or steal from portables.  Because portables are not part of the main school building, they are easy targets.  Most of the technology items stolen from the district have been taken from portables.  With these cameras now in place, should a portable be entered in the night, the camera will record that person and make it easier to recover stolen items.

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