Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hearing Preparation Complete

Well, it has taken many hours to put together the binder of information we will be providing to Ralph Haws on Monday.  The documentation is approximately 500 pages long.  It includes explanations of the entire negotiations and mediation process with all proposals, counter proposals, tentative agreements, proposed settlements and supporting evidence for each piece.

Melissa Brown, Robin Frodge, Cindy Carroll, and I worked literally all day on Friday to complete this project.  When you see anyone of them, thank the for all of their hard work on this hearing documentation.  Laura Black also assisted.  We need to excuse Jeff Bossard and Janeen McMillan of the Negotiations Team, because they were required to be at school today and could not be here to help.

The entire process has been long, and we still have the 20 days of the hearing process to go.

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