Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Educator Day on the Hill Thanks!

I want to say thanks to all those who attended Educator Day on the Hill.  You were instrumental in helping legislators see the need to fund new student growth.  You also helped prevent some bills from passing that would have further hurt public education.

Teachers who attended, to my knowledge.  If I left you out, let me know, and I'll add your name to the list.
  • Pat Raymond, Valley
  • Margaret Pratt, Bingham
  • Michelle Jorgensen, Mountain Shadows
  • Robin Frodge, West Jordan High (twice)
  • Andria Robb, West Jordan High
  • Jack Duffy, West Jordan High
  • Jim Jaramillo, West Jordan High
  • Melinda Mansouri, Bingham
  • Marva Bennett, Bingham
  • Mallory Meyer, Sunset Ridge
  • Jannifer Young, Elk Ridge
  • Ginnie Raiser, Mountain Shadows
  • Karen Brown, Bluffdale
  • Debbie Atwood, Falcon Ridge
  • Vivan Gubler, Rosamond
  • Linda White, Rosamond
  • Susan Tolman, Jordan Hills
More pictures from the March 4 Educator Day on the Hill.

 From left to right:  Melinda Mansouri, Linda White, Debbie Atwood, Marva Bennett, Ginnie Raiser, and Karen Brown talking to Representative Merlynn Newbold.  In the upper right corner, Mallory Meyer, Jannifer Young, and I are talking to Representative Susan Duckworth.

The March 4 group:  Jannifer Young, Jennifer Boehme, Debbie Atwood, Mallory Meyer, Karen Brown, Vivian Gubler, Ginnie Raiser, Robin Frodge, Melinda Mansouri, and Linda White.

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