Monday, March 28, 2011

More Bills Signed by the Governor

Governor Herbert signed HB 199 - Advertisements on School Buses.  This bill will allow districts to sell advertising space on school buses and use the money in their transportation budgets.  This can free up money currently used on transportation in the Maintenance and Operations budget to go toward other items, or this money could be used to keep some hazardous bus routes.

HB 152 First Substitute - Community Council Amendments hurts teachers who wish to serve on their SCC.  If you live and teach in Jordan District, you are not allowed to serve as a parent on your own children's SCC.  You could serve as a teacher member on your work location SCC.

SB 115 - School Performance Reporting requires the State Board of Education to publich UPASS scores and whether a school has met AYP on their website.

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