Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Bills Signed into Law

Governor Herbert has signed more bills into law, and some of them are not good.  He signed SB 59 substitute - Grading Schools (see Tribune article).  Schools will start receiving letter grades in 2012.

In addition, he signed HB 183 substitute - District Leave Policies.  This will hurt local associations where the district pays part of the release time president's salary.  This will not impact JEA.

HB 301 - School District Property Tax Revisions combines some of the local levies which provides less transparency but more flexibility in where the money can be spent.  This also allows districts one year, 2012, to raise local levies without a truth in taxation hearing.

SB 256 second substitute - Educator Evaluations was also signed.  This bill requires yearly evaluations of all teachers.  It also requires a study to be done on how to include student learning gains and parent, student, and community satisfaction in evaluations.

SB 38 - K-3 Reading Amendments modified the bill from last year on mid-year testing.

HB 87 - School Finance Amendments increases the amount of the voted leeway that can be raised by local school boards.

SB 73 first substitute - This bill forbids districts from using Last Hired First Fired policies for Reduction in Force or layoffs only.

It will be interesting to see how the evaluation bill works in some of our larger schools.

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