Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meeting with Dr. Johnson

This morning, Laura Black, Cindy Carroll and I met with Dr. Johnson, the new superintendent.  We each shared our experience in education and with the association.  Dr. Johnson has taught grades K - 8 and has been a principal at all levels.  In addition, she served as a local association president in California at the same time her husband was on the local school board.  She didn't say what the issue was, but she said she believed in what she was doing and led picketing of the school board!  She understands the role of the association.

We discussed the Common Core, state legislature, student growth model, evaluations, and student achievement.  Dr. Johnson expressed a desire to be collaborative and include JEA in changes she would like to lead.  She also stated that she is very competitive and wants Jordan District to become a top district in the nation.

Dr. Johnson agreed to continue the monthly meetings with me.  I was encouraged by the tone and respectfulness of the meeting.  I hope this is an indicator of good things to come!

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