Thursday, June 30, 2011

NEA Representative Assembly Day 1

This morning was the Utah Caucus. Both Dennis Van Roekel (NEA President) and Lily Eskelsen (NEA VP) came by to campaign since they are both up for re-election. The individuals running against them are the "Tea Partiers" of the NEA. I am planning to vote for both of them and hope in doing so I represent your desires for who you would like to lead the NEA.

 Sorry the pictures aren't great.  I am using the JEA camera and still learning.
Also at the caucus this morning, we discussed the policy statement on Teacher Accountability and Evaluation, the proposed $10 dues increase for the crisis fund for the next 5 years, and endorsing President Obama for 2012. These are the three big controversial issues facing the RA this year.
In the afternoon, I headed to the convention center to register, check out the booths, and go to the hearing on the policy statement on Teacher Accountability and Evaluation. Most people were supportive of the overall position with some wanting to tweak language and correct grammatical errors. As soon as an electronic version of the policy statement is available, I will post it.

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