Thursday, June 16, 2011

UEA Leadership Academy

Jannifer Young from Elk Ridge, Mallory Meyer from Sunset Ridge, and I attended UEA Leadership Academy the last two days.  Robin Frodge from West Jordan High was also in attendance the first day.  It was inspiring and informational.  We also had a lot of fun!  I will just say Jannifer, Mallory, and I were in the square dance group that needed Tier 2 interventions!

The first day started with an introduction to the new MyDeals app available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android.  If you have one of those phones or devices, check out the app.  You should be able to log in with the number from your UEA Membership/Access card.  The app is mobile coupons!

Next we heard from NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen. She talked about the national outlook toward unions and how there is a coordinated effort to divide and conquer. When you have a half hour, take the time to watch and listen to Lily.

We were then shown data from three Dan Jones focus groups with parents and grandparents of school aged children across the state about their perceptions of neighborhood public schools and the UEA.  We were surprised at some of the positive things that were said.  Later on the second day, we brainstormed ways to help change the negative perceptions that were expressed during these focus groups.

I attended a breakout session on survival tips for presidents and one on Council of Local Presidents the first day.  On day two, I attended bargaining and school finance.

I enjoyed getting to know Jannifer and Mallory better.  They are motivated to become even better AR's for next year.  The UEA staff is great and did an outstanding job organizing the Academy.  Kory Holdaway was the facilitator for the Jordan UniServ table, which included two Canyons members, Rick Steadman from Crescent View and Judy Taylor from Peruvian Park.

Jannifer and Mallory with UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh (center) who, despite being named Utah Teacher of the Year was also in the square dance group that needed Tier 2 interventions!

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