Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meeting with Senator Aaron Osmond

Senator Aaron Osmond contacted me and wanted to meet so he could hear my thoughts on some proposed legislation he is considering.  He made it clear that these are ideas, that he wants input, and that he is malleable. 

We talked about his ideas, some of which are very different from most teachers.  He has asked me to put together a focus group of teachers who live in his area.  The boundaries are roughly from I-15 to the Oquirrh Mountains and from 7800 S. to 11800 S., but also includes Herriman, the Camp Williams area and a bit in to Utah County on the west side of Redwood Road (not Bluffdale or Riverton).  To see if you live in Senator Osmond's senate district, go to the Senate Map website and type in your address.

I would like to put a group of 10-15 teachers together to meet with Senator Osmond sometime the week of October 24 at 4:00.  Please let me know of your interest by responding on the blog, on Facebook, or by e-mail.

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