Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank You From Ogden

The following is a letter to all UEA members from Ogdan Education Association.

"We would like to thank all of our member friends around the state for their support in Ogden's fight to restore collective bargaining.   The news last week that we would be returning to collective bargaining, and that once again the Ogden Education Association (OEA) will be recognized as the exclusive bargaining representative for Ogden District educators, is a huge win for OEA members and highlights one of the major reasons to be a member of the Association.

"Without support from our members in other affiliates, we would not be back to the table.  If we were less than 50 percent in membership, there would still be no “talks.”  Dropping one’s membership only gives solace and support to those who would like to see our Association/Union go away.  Should that occur, there would be no one to represent your voice. 

"With what is coming in this year’s Legislative Session, it is imperative that we build UEA membership statewide.  The adage, "There is strength in numbers," has certainly been shown to work in Ogden.  It is important that we all unite in our efforts to bargain and communicate with our respective districts.

"We have seen the strength of the NEA and the UEA in the fight for public education across the nation and, specifically, here in Utah.  OEA leadership has worked diligently alongside UEA and NEA this summer, and the result was a huge win for Ogden members.   Now, let us show our unification as a state as we move into this new era of building relationships and communication.

"Thank you all, again, for your continued support of our teachers here in Ogden.  You can read the memo from our new Superintendent, Brad Smith, on our website at

"Yours in solidarity,
"Rick Palmer, Ogden/Weber UniServ Director"

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