Friday, March 7, 2014

Budget Presentation at Foundation Meeting

Burke Jolley, Deputy Superintendent for Business Services, presented a budget update at the Jordan Education Foundation meeting this week.  While this chart has small print, you can look for some comparisons and understand Jordan District's position a little better. 

Some comparisons of note:  Jordan has the third largest enrollment in the state and received an A+ for transparency as far as readily available information from the district website.  Administrative costs per student are the 4th lowest in the state with overall costs per student being the lowest in the state of Utah.  Jordan is 14th lowest in teacher compensation, yet ahead of Canyons and Granite, including insurance, and Jordan is tied with Cache for the highest student/teacher ratio in the state.

In the budget presentation, Mr. Jolley pointed out that the district appears to have the GASB account fully funded and will be having an actuarial study done to verify that.  There are $17 million in "unassigned reserves", which Mr. Jolley indicated would be used to pay for the financial agreement.

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