Thursday, March 27, 2014

SAGE Issues

Please send issues and concerns about SAGE to the UEA president at  There were some major problems with testing yesterday.  See the response from USOE and AIR below.

We have been working with AIR today and this evening to investigate, diagnose, and respond to today’s testing problems.  After receiving an update from AIR this evening, they have assured us that all server problems contributing to the SAGE system issues seen yesterday and today, have been resolved and that testing can proceed as scheduled tomorrow. 

 AIR has provided the following response to Utah’s concerns:


SAGE Summative -3/26/14 System Disruption Update

AIR has identified and corrected the cause of the issues experienced today in some schools. After making the correction late this afternoon, AIR continued to closely monitor the servers. The performance of the servers immediately returned to their normal operating state. We are confident that students should not experience any further problems related to the SAGE servers. We will be monitoring the system closely throughout the day tomorrow. Additionally, AIR is confident that no student data was lost. If you have any concerns about student data, or if you want to report any other concern, please call AIR’s Help Desk at 1-855-570-7239. Thank you for your patience.


SAGE Help Desk Improvement -3/26/14 Update

AIR is committed to providing Utah teachers, test proctors, and students with the best possible customer service and timely information from our Help Desk.  In support of ongoing process improvement we are working with USOE to update all our Help Desk reference materials to ensure they are consistent with USOE testing policy and reflect the system requirements of SAGE. Help Desk staff will be retrained on updated communication protocols and SAGE-specific reference materials. Knowing how important timely responses are to the schools, AIR is adding additional Help Desk staff that will be dedicated to the SAGE program.


Julie Quinn
Test Administration and Reporting
Assessment and Accountability
Utah State Office of Education 




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