Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Official Activities

My first few days in the JEA office have been focused on organizing and preparing for Year Round New Teacher Induction. We had 12 AR volunteers come talk to the new teachers about joining. We only received one membership form today. Not what we hoped for. Maybe tomorrow there will be more after the new teachers have had time to think about it.

The School Board meeting was last night. The most interesting part was the changes to the Copyright policy. They were presented for study last night and will be put on the agenda for approval at the next meeting, which has been moved from August 10 to August 17. You can see all of the proposed changes on the BoardDocs site. I have put a link on the blog, but you can also access it through the District website.

Go to "Board of Education." Click "Board Meetings." Just above the schedule of meetings it says For more detailed agenda information, visit Click "Enter Public Site." Click the + next to the date of the Board meeting you want more detailed information on. Click the + next to the part of the agenda you want to see.

For the Copyright policy, click "9. Discussion Items," then "B. Policy Review." From there you can view the pdf that shows all of the changes.

That site is very helpful in giving more details about the items on the Board meeting agenda that seem vague.

Also, I was posting updates on the JEA Facebook page throughout the Board meeting. This doesn't replace your attending a Board meeting or two this year, but hopefully, it will be a way to keep all of us informed.

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