Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting out

Ever since being elected JEA President, I knew I wanted to start a blog. I have always supported JEA and believe in the cause of a great public school for every child. I recognize the work that has been done by my predecessors, most recently Robin Frodge. Each president brings something unique to JEA, and I hope to do the same.

I plan to chronicle my efforts advocating on your behalf as JEA President. I want all of you to see the little things done by the Association, so you know your dues dollars are well spent. If you want to see what is going on in JEA, use the link to the JEA Calendar on Google. I have put in JEA on the days I will be in the office or in the schools doing JEA work specifically. During the school year, I will be teaching Monday, Tuesday, and every other Friday, so those days do not say JEA.

I challenge each member to do something for the Association in the next school year that you haven't done before. If you have never been to a school board meeting, plan to attend one. If you have never worked on a political campaign, help a JEA endorsed candidate this fall. If you have never been the Association Representative (AR) in your building, volunteer. If you do not donate to PAC (Political Action Committee) sign up to start donating. If you have not met the School Board Member representing the area where your school is located or where you live, take the time to call or e-mail to introduce yourself. Wherever you are in your involvement with JEA, take it one step further this year!


  1. Jennifer,
    Wow!! Your blog is 'superb'! I am going to take information from your last paragraph and use it in my presentation at Membership Organizing Dinner Meetings with Local Presidents in early August.

    I will continue to follow your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jennifer,
    What a wonderful message! So often I hear educators ask "what is JEA doing for me?" Your blog will not only help us see the many small things that happen each day at the leadership and staff levels, it also agitates and motivates all of us to do more for ourselves; We ARE JEA!