Monday, July 12, 2010

So You Won the Election. Now What?

That was the title of the training I attended the first week of June in Washington D.C. It was presented by NCUEA (National Council of Urban Education Associations) through NEA. I met new local presidents from Green Bay to New Orleans and from Vancouver to Fairfax. The trainers were excellent!

We examined our leadership and communication styles, learned about messaging and organizing, discussed the best ways to address the School Board and the media, talked about NEA Member Benefits and the Truth about NEA, trained in Robert's Rules of Order, studied listening and interpersonal skills, and looked at ways to address the multi-generational needs of members in our Association.

The training was three-and-a-half intense days. At the end of the first day, NEA held a reception for us at the NEA Building. There we met Lily Eskelsen, NEA Vice President, and former GEA and UEA President. I was able to share with the others about Lily's career, because I have watched Lily for many years since she was UEA President when I began teaching.

I learned a lot of great tools through this training, and I will be using all of them! I still feel lost on Robert's Rules of Order, but I hope the ARs and the Executive Board will be forgiving when I mess up in meetings.

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